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SURVEY: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey

    Looking forward to spending time with you in February! 

    Please fill out this survey. The respondents will remain anonymous. There is no need to sign in to complete this survey! 

    Questions? Please contact Town of Carrboro Chief Race and Equity Officer Anita Jones-McNair at 919-918-7381 or

  2. 1. My community is making progress toward advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. *
  3. 2. My government has made a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. *
  4. 3. I can identify one or more actions that my government has taken to address inequities in our community. *
  5. 4. Our overall organizational strategy to advance diversity, equity and inclusion so far includes…. (check all that apply.)
  6. 5. My department is committed to and making progress towards achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the community.
  7. 6. My department seeks input and assistance on decision-making from communities of color. *
  8. 7. My department has taken steps to reduce racial inequities, including but not limited to workforce issues.
  9. 8. My department is making progress on improving access to services for all people including refugees, immigrants, and people of color.
  10. 9. Employees are encouraged to participate in trainings, workshops, or events about diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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